How to behave after scaling

  • During period of anestesia, do not eat.
  • When anestesia begins to waver, take a painkiller (e.g. “Ibuprofen”) approximately 30 minutes after the procedure.
  • Probably no more pains will occur that require takin painkillers.
  • First couple of days, avoid eating any of hot, hard or spicy food.
  • After each taken meal, rinse your mouth cavity with water, brine and chilled chamomile tea.
  • Do not smoke !!


Proper oral care for first two weeks

  1. On very first evening, the teeth and the gums are usually very vulnerable; to clean it properly, use cotton wool stick dipped in 0,12% washing solution containing CHX (chlorhexidine), and rinse your mouth cavity well for one minute using the same liquid.
  2. As long as vulnerability of your teeth and the gums lasts, wash them using a soft brush ( e.g. Post Surgical Gum). Also, start cleaning the interdental spaces with dental floss ( which will be individually reccomended from us ) as soon as possible.


Important notice: at least half an hour should pass between brushing your teeth and rinsing with CHX solution


Proper oral care after two weeks


Teeth hypersensitivity to thermal, mechanical and chemical irritation is normal. During periodontal disease, the gums are inflamed and swollen. After the root cleaning procedure, the inflammation is withdrawing together with the swelling, so that the dental neck and root are becoming more exposed. Hypersensitivity usually lasts for several weeks. Use of a product line for sensitive teeth, for example “Sensi Vital” toothbrush, toothpastes and mouth cavity rinsing liquids is highly recommendable.


Shopping lista

  • CHX (chlorhexidine) rinsing solution: 0,12%, 3x daily care, max. 2 weeks
  • Soft brush (eg. Postsurgical toothbrush) or Meridol
  • Oral-B Super Floss – dental floss, Curaprox – interdental brushes
  • Sensi Vital toothbrush, toothpaste and the oral cavity rinsing solution

CHX (chlorhexidine) toothpaste (eg. Curasept, Paroex)



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