Postoperative behavior after implantation


Before the anesthesia eases up, take a painkiller pill. Not more than 6 “Ibuprofen 400 mg” pills may be taken on a daily basis. Moderate pains can last from 3 to 5 days, yet long lasting pain or highly intensive pain are seldom. Contact us in the case of severe or/and protracted pain.



Slight bleeding around the operated area may occur through next 24-48 hrs after the surgical treatment. Blood is combined with saliva, leaving you with impression of stronger bleeding than it actually is. Avoid washing your mouth cavity. If bleeding gets any stronger, try to localize the place of bleeding and perform light pressure with a swab for about half an hour. If necessary, apply additional pressure.



To reduce swelling, cool down the cheek in 10-minute intervals ( alternately 10 minutes of cooling and 10 minutes of break ). Make sure to keep your head raised up for a first few days – even when lying down in bed. “Ibuprofen” also acts positively against the swelling. Usually and normally, the strongest swelling appears on 2nd and 3rd day after the procedure. If you experience later swelling or intensified swelling after the 3rd day, please contact us.


Oral cavity hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is crucial for good healing and overall success of the surgery. Wash non-operated teeth normally. Use a cotton swab soaked in recommended chlorhexidine (CHX) solution to remove and clean the plaques from treated teeth and gums.

After 24 hrs, start rinsing your mouth cavity using CHX solution. After each meal, flush your mouth thoroughly with warm water, salt water or tepid chamomile tea. Wash your teeth normally. If implants heal open, wipe them with the cotton wool swab soaked in CHX solution, in order to permanently keep them shiny. After two weeks, you can start cleaning your implants with a soft brush ( eg. Post Surgical, Gum or Meridol ), and with dental floss. You can also use your own toothbrush instead, after having it softened by holding it under running hot water. If it is still painful, then be advised to use a cotton wool swab instead, until you start to use a brush. When the healing procedure of your implant is closed-up, keeping the stitches and the gums clean would be enough – use cotton wool swab at first, and the soft toothbrush later on. Avoid “tryout” implants with your tongue – it has a plenty of power and may stagger your implant.



Implants usually need 2-5 months to “grow together” with bones. During that period, do not use your implants for chewing – it is of crucial importance.



Avoid any hard physical labor, sports, sauna or sunbathing for at least one week.


Important notice after putting the implants in the mandible.


If usual sense in lower lip or chin does not come in return within next 5-6 hours (feeling of numbness lasts), be sure to contact us. Also, contact us if during next couple of hours after the procedure, you suffer from severe pain that persists. In some cases, it is necessary to unscrew the implant for about 1-2 mm.


Shopping list

  • 0,12% chlorhexidine (CHX) washing solution.
  • Painkillers, eg. “Ibuprofen”.
  • Post Surgical, toothbrush, Gum or Meridol.


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