Tooth crowns and Bridge

If a tooth is badly damaged or crooked, but the root is not inflamed, it can be covered with a tooth crown. A tooth crown protects the tooth and solves the functional and aesthetic problems. With crowns and bridges, we can perfectly imitate the real teeth, so that even experienced eyes may not be able to tell the difference between the original and the fake. Crowns and bridges mainly consist of ceramic, which is fused with metal, or of full ceramic.
A crown can also be attached to an implant if the tooth is no longer present or the damage is so great that it must be removed and replaced. In this case we are talking about an implant crown.
We speak of a dental bridge if one or more gaps are treated with a prosthetic solution instead of placing an implant. A bridge always consists of at least three parts and bridges the gap by attaching it to the two adjacent teeth that form the pillars or similarly to two or more implants. Then we talk about a dental implant bridge
The elements of a bridge are also crowns, and almost all crowns and bridges are made of metal with ceramic lining or of full ceramic (zirconium).




Veneers can aesthetically correct the appearance of the teeth so that they belong to the category of cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. These film-like, individual ceramic shells are applied to the surface of the teeth. This process is minimally invasive because only the outer surface of the tooth and the enamel are removed. Also there is no drilling, when applied they are glued. Thanks to the material used (porcelain), veneers last a long time and are very resistant. Many optical disturbances can be solved with it.

Dental implant

A dental implant is an artificial root that is used instead of lost teeth and has the function of performing a dental job. The material of a dental implant is usually clean, unalloyed titanium. Even in the case of a metal allergy, you should not worry because titanium is fully accepted by the human body. We use materials such as Straumann, Ritter or.

Bone grafting


Bone transplantation is a surgical approach in dentistry that allows the insertion of implants, even if the patient does not initially have enough bone (in quantity and quality) to obtain a fixed prosthesis. A bone graft is always performed when implants are desired. The reason why a bone graft becomes necessary is usually bone loss. Bone loss usually occurs when one or more lost teeth are not replaced for an extended period of time, the bone loses its function, since no chewing force is generated and this bone section becomes superfluous and the bone therefore regresses. Osteoporosis can also lead to bone loss. The implantation can only be done in a bone of sufficient quality and quantity. If this is not the case, the bone must be replaced. The bone can be replaced by bone replacement (BioOss), the patient’s own bone or a combination of both, but only if the bone is well supplied with blood. If this is not the case, a bone graft is the only reliable solution.

Reconstructive paradontological services

Our dentists use a pro-active approach to repair inflammation that has included supporting tooth structures and regeneration of soft and hard tissue (gums and bone). Depending on the stage of the disease, treatments are divided into non-surgical and micro-surgical interventions. Services provided by dentists are: soft tissue regeneration (gums), pre-prosthetic surgery, periodontal regeneration, periodontal surgery, non-surgical interventions, periodontal maintenance, orthodontic patients…


Removal of all Teeth in general anesthesia and compensation of the same Teeth.


Tooth extraction can be simple or surgical, depending on whether the tooth is visible or damaged.

Easy extraction

You are given a local anesthetic, which damages the area around your teeth so that you will only feel pressure during the procedure, not pain.

Surgical extraction

You get local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia, the last of which makes you calm and relaxed. You can also get general anesthesia, depending on any medical condition. With general anesthesia, you will remain unconscious during the procedure.



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