The subject of this contract is the arrangement of mutual relations of the tour operators – Travel agency V TOURS d.o.o. Sarajevo (hereinafter referred to as V TOURS) and the travel contractor where the travel contractor concludes the contract on its own behalf or for the benefit of a third party as a passenger (hereinafter referred to as PASSENGER). The Travel Agreement also contains the General Conditions for Tourist Arrangements, that is, it invokes a travel program that contains all the necessary information. The contract is considered binding after it has been signed by an agency employee (an employee of the V TOURS travel agency or any other person authorized to sell the V TOURS arrangement) and a PASSENGER who has paid the whole arrangement or paid part of the arrangement or advance. If the passenger is unable to sign the contract in person, the contract will only have legal effects when V TOURS receives the entire amount of money for the arranged arrangement or, if explicitly agreed, a part of the agreed price and documentation that indisputably ensures payment of the rest of the price by the agreed date.

A PASSENGER can apply for travel with V TOURS or other authorized agencies in person, by telephone, the Internet or by other means of remote communication. When concluding a contract, the PASSENGER is obliged to provide personal information and timely submit all documentation necessary for organizing the trip. PASSENGER warrants that V TOURS has provided the correct and valid information required for the smooth implementation of the trip and accepts all legal obligations arising from this agreement and the positive legal regulations.



The Passanger pays 30% of the cost of the booking to confirm the reservation in advance (unless otherwise stated in the program).The rest of the total price of the arrangement is paid not later than 20 days before the start of the trip or documentation is provided for immediate payment of the total price of the arrangement. If the passenger does not fulfill his obligation not later than 20 days before departure, he will be considered to have canceled the reservation without the possibility of refunding the advance payment. For all bookings, including reservations on request, a written confirmation must first be obtained from V TOURS or authorized agents. The requested reservation upon “inquiry” V TOURS is obliged to process within 2 working days (Saturday is not considered a business day) in writing or verbally inform the traveler of the reservation status. If V TOURS does not notify the PASSENGER within the stated deadline or is unable to secure the reservation for the requested arrangement, the complete payment amount will be returned to the PASSENGER. If the PASSENGER does not accept the reservation requested and confirmed by V TOURS, the PASSENGER is obliged to pay V TOURS a fee for the reservation costs in the amount of KM 80.00, including advance payment. In order to confirm bookings on the Fortuna system or on the Last Minute offers, the PASSENGER is obliged to pay the amount of the arrangement in full immediately or to ensure uncontested payment of the entire amount of the arrangement.



Travel price are published in the travel program and are valid from the date of publication of the program. Prices of the package include a fee for the reservation costs, which will be charged in the amount of 80,00 KM (per contract) at the time of booking. The prices stated in the V TOURS programs are based on the contract between V Tours and partners and do not have to correspond to the prices published on the spot in the destination where the PASSENGER is staying, and any difference in price cannot be objected. The Travel Organizer may stipulate that the PASSENGER shall pay for certain services to be used abroad on the spot in the currency of the country in which they are located. For the services paid on the spot, the PASSENGER shall file a complaint directly with the service provider. V TOURS may, at the latest 20 days before the commencement of the trip, require an increase in the agreed price if, after the conclusion of the contract, there has been a change in exchange rates, an increase in the price of the services that make the package arrangement, in particular an increase in transport costs, including fuel costs, or an increase in the taxi for certain air and other ports, etc., price increases that affect the cost of travel. In this case, the price of the arrangement will increase reciprocally with the price increase of the calculating elements on the basis of which the price is formed. The PASSENGER agrees to accept an increase of the agreed price up to 10%. If there is an increase in the agreed price in the amount of more than 10%, the PASSENGER has the right to cancel the arrangement, but he is obliged to inform V TOURS in writing within 2 working days of the notification. In the event of cancellation of the arrangement, the PASSENGER is not entitled to compensation. If the PASSENGER does not submit his / her cancellation to V TOUR in writing and within the specified time limit, it is considered that you agree to the change of price.



Offered hotels, apartments or other facilities in V TOURS programs are described according to the official categorization of the country in question at the time the program was issued. We point out that local categorization differs significantly from country to country. Accommodation, food and other services are under the control of local and national tourist boards, and the standards of accommodation and services are different and not comparable. V TOURS assumes no responsibility for any oral or written information that is inconsistent with the description of the services and facilities in V TOURS’s programs valid for that trip, which is received by the PASSENGER either by V TOURS employee or any third party. The arrangement of the rooms or apartments is determined by the reception desk at the place of residence. Unless the PASSENGER has explicitly contracted the special features room / suite, it will accept any officially registered room / suite for rent at the particular facility or destination described in the travel program. Accommodation is not possible before 3 pm on the day of commencement of the service, and it must be left until 10 am on the day of end of use of the service, unless otherwise stated in the travel program. For later individual arrivals at the accommodation facilities (after 8 pm), it is necessary to inform V TOURS at least one day before the departure, if the later arrival is not foreseen by the travel program.



A PASSENGER applying for a trip abroad must have valid travel documents. The PASSENGER is obliged to submit to V TOURS all the necessary information and documents, as well as a visa for the country to which he or she is traveling, during the application or until the expiry of the deadline specified in the program. V TOURS does not guarantee visa security. If the PASSENGER does not fulfill the above obligations or his visa application is refused, the PASSENGER is considered to have canceled the trip.

PASSENGER is obliged to comply with customs, foreign exchange and other regulations. If the PASSENGER cannot continue the journey due to non-compliance with the regulations, he shall bear all costs and consequences as a result. If the PASSENGER loses the travel documents or is stolen during the journey, he is obliged to provide new ones at his own expense. A PASSENGER is obliged to ensure that he personally, his documents and luggage fulfill the conditions stipulated by the visa, border, customs, health and other regulations, both in B&H and in the country of travel, adhere to the house rules in catering and hotel facilities, and cooperate with a representative of the tour operator and service providers in good faith. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the PASSENGER is responsible for the damage done, V TOURS eliminates all liability for such damage. In this case, the PASSENGER will pay the damage to the property owner (hotel, apartment, etc.) at the reception.

By signing the contract V TOURS considers that the PASSENGER is familiar with the regulations of the country to which he travels. All PASSENGERS are advised to be personally informed of the country to which they are traveling and the conditions to be fulfilled for travel to that country, prior to making the arrangements, having regard to the different regulations in force in each country. V TOURS may refer the PASSENGER to the source of the information, but in no way assumes responsibility for the consequences that could arise for the PASSENGER himself due to non-compliance with these regulations.

Invalid travel documents, that is, failure to approve a visa that results in the cancellation of travel, does not oblige V TOURS in any respect and the conditions of cancellation apply. V TOURS eliminates all liability for damages that would result from non-compliance with the regulations of individual countries or which would cause incorrect travel documents.


If the PASSENGER cancels the paid arrangement, V TOURS retains the total price of the arrangement (unless stated otherwise in the program):

European trips, vacations, skiing

Up to 31 days before departure 10% of the price of the package, and at least 80 KM

29 days before departure 30% of the price of the package

28-21 days before departure 40% of the price of the package

20-15 days before departure 80% of the price of the package

14-0 days before departure and after departure 100% of the price of the arrangement

Long distance travel, health tourism and foreign language courses

Up to 31days before departure 25% of the price of the package

30-16 days before departure 80% of the price of the package

15-0 days before departure and after departure 100% of the price of the arrangement


Up to 47 days before departure 10% of the price of the package

46-32 days before departure 25% of the price

31-18 days before departure 50% of the price of the package

17-10 days before departure 80% of the price of the package

10-0 days before departure and after departure 100% of the price of the arrangement


The aforementioned costs also apply to changes in the date of departure or accommodation, as well as any other significant changes. V TOURS charges the actual cost of the replacement if the PASSENGER cancels the trip and finds another user of the same reservation who satisfies all the conditions for using the said arrangement. If 20 days prior to departure the PASSENGER has not paid the rest of the amount or secured an uncontested payment of the arrangement, V TOURS considers that the PASSENGER has canceled the reservation without the possibility of refunding the paid advance payment for the trip.

If the PASSENGER cancels the trip after purchasing the ticket of the air carrier or some long carrier V TOURS acts according to the rules of the given carrier.



If V TOURS changes the program significantly before the start of the trip, it is obliged to inform the PASSENGER in writing without delay. PASSENGER may accept the modified program or refuse within 2 business days of V TOURS notification. In case of deduction or deafening of the offer, V TOURS undertakes to return the paid part of the price to the PASSENGER within 7 working days. In the event of acceptance, the replacement arrangement offered to him by V TOURS is considered a new travel contract, with PASSENGER waiving all claims of V TOURS from any legal basis arising from the original contract. If V TOURS did not provide most of the contracted services after the start of the trip, or if it considers that it will not be able to ensure the fulfillment of a large part of the contracted services, V TOURS may, at the expense of the PASSENGER, make changes to the program for continuation of the trip and, if necessary, indemnify the PASSENGER as opposed to the price between the contracted and the services actually provided. With the written consent of PASSENGER V TOURS may replace the non-completed part of the service with another service, where PASSENGER waives the rights to claims from V TOURS for such mutually agreed and modified part of the journey in relation to the concluded contract of travel.

If V TOURS could not properly modify the travel program, or if the PASSENGER does not accept the changes for justified reasons, V TOURS will at its own expense allow him to return to the place of departure or any other place, if the PASSENGER agrees and compensate him for any damage which he suffered. Damage is paid in the amount of the price of the unused part of the contracted program, based on the passenger’s complaint. V TOURSI shall resolve the complaint in the manner specified in clause 9 of this Agreement. The maximum amount of damage may be the amount of the arrangement. V TOURS is empowered to unilaterally terminate the contract, in whole or in part, without obligation to compensate the PASSENGER if external emergency and unforeseeable circumstances occur that could not have been prevented, avoided or eliminated, if they existed at the time of the conclusion of the travel arrangement,  for V TOURS not to contract. In this case, the PASSENGER is entitled to a full refund of the amount paid, ie the difference in price between the contracted and the provided services. V TOURS reserves the right to cancel the trip no later than 5 days before the start of the trip, if the trip was canceled by the tour operator for whom V TOURS was the intermediary in the sale of the said arrangement or if the minimum number of passengers required for the realization of the arrangement is not indicated for a specific trip, program or for some other valid reason. If V TOURS is subcontractor/intermediary in the sale of the arrangement, its clientele advises them to familiarize themselves with the general travel conditions of the organizer. V TOURS reserves the right to change the day or hour of travel due to change of flight schedule or due to unforeseen circumstances, the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions for travel change (changed flight schedule, security situation in a certain country, natural disasters or other situations to which V TOURS does not may be affected), without compensation for damage, and in accordance with applicable regulations in domestic and international traffic. V TOURS assumes no responsibility for changes due to unforeseen circumstances and force majeure during the journey. In that case, it may provide services, given the situation. V TOURS is not responsible for any printing errors of the program within the brochures / catalogs as well as for incorrect data entries by the operator on the V TOURS web pages.



For all arrangements where V TOURS is the main organizer, these General Conditions of Travel apply, except in the case where V TOURS is the intermediary or not the main organizer of the trip. Such arrangements will be specially marked and subject to the General Conditions of the responsible organizer, and V TOURS is not responsible for the implementation of the tourist arrangements of other organizers. By signing the contract, PASSENGER fully accepts the program and travel conditions.



A PASSENGER has the right to complain about a failure to provide a contracted service. The PASSENGER is obliged to file a written complaint to V TOURS within 8 days from the end of the trip. Complaints filed after the deadline will not be considered. We emphasize that it is in the interest of the PASSENGER to act in good faith and express a will to resolve complaints during the journey, and to send a written complaint to the service provider on the spot (reception, carrier, caterer or travel agency at the destination), and to ask the service provider in writing confirmation that he has received the objection. Each PASSENGER – holder of the contract shall file a complaint separately. V TOURS will not consider group objections. V TOURS is obliged to issue a written decision on the objection within 15 days of the receipt of the objection, in the manner in which the objection was received (by e-mail, mail or personal delivery to which it will be answered by a letter with return receipt). V TOURS will only deal with complaints where the traveler provides proof that he or she has made a written complaint to the on-site service provider and that the cause could not be remedied on-site. If the fault of V TOURS resulted in the failure to complete the program or part of the services, the PASSENGER shall be entitled to compensation in the amount of the real value of the unused services and may not include the services already used or the entire amount of the arrangement. In the case of concluding a contract for organizing travel as a “last minute” (last-minute trip) or a contract where the name of the accommodation facility PASSENGER finds out only upon arrival at the destination (actions like: fortune, roulette, no name, as, jocker, etc.). ), The PASSENGER accepts all risks of such a trip. Such voyages contain uncertain facts beyond the control of V TOURS, and the PASSENGER has accepted such voyage primarily because of the cheaper price, and therefore the PASSENGER has no right to complain to V TOURS. mediation of any other person, court institution or the provision of information in the media.



THE PASSENGER is obliged to inform V TOURS of all facts regarding his health, habits, etc., which could endanger the travel (if for health and other reasons he seeks a certain type of food, certain treatment, suffers from a chronic illness, allergies, etc. ). Some programs have specific travel rules that include the compulsory vaccination and procurement of relevant documents. The PASSENGER is obliged to carry out the compulsory vaccination as well as to have certificates and documents on it. We recommend paying your travel health insurance policy.



Carriage of luggage up to a certain weight, specified by the carrier, is free of charge. For air transportation, the excess baggage is paid for by the PASSENGER himself / herself according to the applicable rules and prices of the carrier. Children under 2 years are entitled to free luggage transportation V TOURS does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Claims for lost luggage should be made to the carrier or hotel. In the case of air transportation, baggage is the sole responsibility of the airline, on the basis of the regulations in force in air travel. In case of loss of luggage, the passenger fills in the PIR (Property Irregularity Report)  form of the airline that performed the transport and submits it to the airline representative, retaining one copy for himself. On the basis of the completed form, the airline pays him compensation under the regulations valid in domestic and international passenger air transport. In case of loss of luggage at the hotel, the passenger makes a request to the hotel where the luggage is lost. We recommend paying your luggage insurance policy when traveling.





A PASSENGER gives personal information voluntarily. PASSENGER’S personal information is required in the process of contractual arrangements and will be used for further communication. V TOURS undertakes not to release the personal information of the PASSENGER from the country except for the purpose of realization of the agreed arrangements. The exception to providing personal information to third parties relates to the contracting of travel insurance policies, that is, if the PASSENGER concludes the insurance policy then his personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. PASSENGER personal data will be stored in the database. PASSENGER agrees that his personal data may be used for the purpose of realizing the contractual arrangements and marketing actions of V TOURS.



The General Terms and Conditions of Travel are an integral part of the contract that the PASSENGER enters into with V TOURS or the authorized travel agency to which he has applied for travel organized by V TOURS.

The parties agree to settle possible disputes by mutual agreement. If this is not possible, the court in Sarajevo shall have jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.


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